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Cathan opens its doors for a perfect holiday experience where you can feel the art, comfort, and coziness deeply.

Experience the combination of art, nature, and culture at Cathan!


Cathan Art

About Us

Cathan is waiting for you in the heart of the Black Sea to be the chief architect of your most magical moments with a lush Black Sea nature that fills you with peace, a perfect holiday experience that blends your soul with art and special services.
Bringing together the concepts of holiday and art with modern touches, Cathan exhibits special works of art with the Art Hotel concept it has developed. Cathan, which is the only Art Hotel in the Black Sea region, takes the first steps to nourish the soul of its guests in addition to its quality service understanding.


Cathan, which is only 8 minutes away from Rize-Artvin Airport, makes your holiday experience comfortable as a living space integrated with nature as well as its central location.





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Places to Visit

Where are we? Çathan, located just 8 minutes away from Rize-Artvin Airport, enhances your holiday experience as a centrally positioned living space integrated with nature. Staying in Çathan allows you to visit the natural beauties of the Black Sea region on a daily basis.

potuk yaylası
Pokut Plateau

Located 50 km from Çathan, the plateau is situated at an altitude of 2032 meters between the valleys formed by the Fırtına and Hala rivers in the south of Çamlıhemşin District. These plateaus, showcasing an ideal environment for nature walks and relaxation, boast rich biological diversity and unique civil architectural structures.

ayder yaylası
Ayder Plateau

Located 49 km from Çathan, Ayder Plateau is situated in Çamlıhemşin district of Rize. Ayder, positioned 1350 meters above sea level, is covered with spruce and beech forests. It is 19 kilometers away from Rize Çamlıhemşin and 84 kilometers from Rize city center.

Şimşir Forest

Situated 51 km from Çathan, Şimşir Gen Protection Forest is located in the Fırtına Valley, 12 kilometers from Çamlıhemşin district. The Şimşir shrub, mostly presenting itself in a bushy form, appears here as a monumental tree with no other example in the world, captivating people with its enchanting atmosphere.

fırtına deresi
Fırtına River

Among the preferred places for adrenaline and nature enthusiasts, this 57 km-long river is a focal point for both local and foreign tourists. Did you know that you can go rafting on this river? You can start the course just after approximately one km from Çamlıhemşin and finish it before the Fırtına River flows into the Black Sea. It's a fantastic activity to do after a wonderful hotel holiday in the nature and endless fresh air of Rize.

bulut şelalesi
Bulut Waterfall

Palovit Waterfall, located in Çamlıhemşin in Rize, is one of the must-see places for those who visit Rize. Bulut Waterfall is located on the Tar Creek flowing from Çamlıhemşin district. The waterfall, with three cascades, falls from a height of approximately 250 meters and is about 2 km away from the town center. Visitors to Bulut Waterfall are also treated to a pleasant surprise; 2 km horse safari tours are organized around the waterfall. It's a wonderful activity to do after a magnificent hotel holiday in the nature and endless fresh air of Rize.

zil kale

One of the region's most notable landmarks, Zilkale is situated 15 kilometers south of the town center on the western slopes of the Fırtına River. The steep rock mass on which the castle is built is 750 meters above sea level and about 100 meters high from the riverbed. The castle consists of outer walls, middle walls, and inner castle. Access to the gate of the outer castle is through a path from the northwest. The middle walls level is reached with the help of a terrace. From there, the inner castle is entered through a second gate. There are three important structures within the inner castle.

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